Photo credit: Taylor Kiser

Photo credit: Taylor Kiser

sourdough - DIY fruit-based starter

Olde moon farm, Sunday, December. 2nd, 2-4pm

Learn to recognize sources of this powerful community of microbes in surprising and accessible niches of our fresh seasonal produce!

Jay and Jordan Ute of Olde Moon Farm will be sharing their experience making classic, hearty artisan loaves, and will lead discussion regarding home proofing and baking techniques.

Enjoy refreshments of Amaranth-Cornflour Waffles with Spiced Cider Syrup as we talk through the recipe from starter to serving (refreshments are gluten-free). Take home not only the inspiration for this easy, nutrient-dense meal that you can whip up in five minutes the night before you want waffles in the morning, but also the knowledge of how the ingredients (including sprouted legumes) work in concert for a smooth, time-release energy experience based on whole foods.

Celebrate the vitamin/fiber/protein balance of seeds by taking home a kit of freshly-milled flour and sourdough starter, in addition to dehydrated starter flakes you can pack anywhere, anytime! Or, if you only have time to observe this process at the moment, then purchase a $5 ticket, collect the recipes and enjoy the refreshments plus discussion, then mix your own starter as you have time. We hope to see you there!


Tamale-Making Party to celebrate the season!

historic Geercrest farm, sunday, december 9th, 2-4pm

Celebrate fruits of our fields by wrapping up heirloom corn masa for nutrient-dense, tasty holiday tamales! Begin this hands-on workshop with a flavorful sample flight of filling options including Smoked Ancho Short Rib and Caramelized Red Onion & White Bean steamed with nixtamalized and milled dough locally grown as the historic GeerCrest Farm summer crop! Ideal seed for spring planting is stored for the winter, so the extra seeds featuring a classic balance of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals are best to share fresh now!

By the end of the workshop, you will know where to purchase organic heirloom whole corn kernels if you like to prepare them yourself with culinary limestone, and you will know where to find ready-to-mix organic heirloom yellow and blue corn if you would like to simply blend the dough directly before assembling the tamales.

Customize a tamale kit you can serve for dinner or freeze for a rainy day, plus take home a jar packed with trimmed GeerCrest organic corn husk (never fumigated or bleached) ready to share with family and friends for your next tamale meal together (all for $30!). Or, if you would rather observe the process, then choose a $5 ticket to enjoy the sample tamales, collect the recipes for corn nixtamalization and flavorful fillings, and gather ingredients when the time is good for you!

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