Gather four friends and I will bring one of these workshops to you!

Salem-Portland Metro Areas: $30/person. Contact: elizabeth [“at” symbol here]

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SOURDOUGH—As you have never seen it before!

Learn to recognize sources of this powerful community of microbes in surprising and accessible niches of our fresh seasonal produce!

Enjoy refreshments of Amaranth-Cornflour Waffles with Spiced Cider Syrup as we talk through the recipe from starter to serving (refreshments are gluten-free). Take home not only the inspiration for this easy, nutrient-dense meal that you can whip up in five minutes the night before you want waffles in the morning, but also the knowledge of how the ingredients (including sprouted legumes) work in concert for a smooth, time-release energy experience based on whole foods.

Celebrate the vitamin/fiber/protein balance of seeds by taking home a kit of freshly-milled flour and sourdough starter, in addition to dehydrated starter flakes you can pack anywhere, anytime! Or, if you only have time to observe this process at the moment, then purchase a $5 ticket, collect the recipes and enjoy the refreshments plus discussion, then mix your own starter as you have time. We hope to see you there!

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JUN: Ancestral Tradition to Kombucha

Mineral-rich green tea & raw probiotic honey is the base for this effervescent sparkling beverage that will nourish the body and rejuvenate the immune system as we head into the winter season.

Children and friends are welcome as we share out jars of the stable microbial starter SCOBY for each participant, in addition to illustrated instructions for a simple kitchen countertop "continuous brew" fermentation method. If you enjoy brewing yourself a cup of tea and adding sweetener, YOU CAN DO THIS! 

In addition, we will be helping with the seasonal rotation of farm products by feeding the SCOBY you take home with local wildflower honey from Diane Buhr of The Buhrs and Bees using the last of the spring harvest to make way for winter storage of summer harvest.

Jun can be poured straight out of its brewing container as an aperitif shot before a meal to improve digestion, or added to immune-boosting simple syrup like hibiscus, cranberry, or elderberry for bedtime sipping to enhance winter wellness.

If you are looking for adventures using fresh or dried seasonal fruits, this workshop will introduce easy additions to finished Jun that dramatically increase the carbonation and flavor, including Cranberry-Orange, Blueberry-Mint, and Cinnamon-Apple. Do you have a few apple peels from the pie you just made? Is your freezer bursting with blueberries? Muddle them in the bottom of a jar and pour Jun on top—two days later you will have a mouthwatering treat! Integrate your imagination with your intuition and try out new flavor combinations of antioxidant-rich herbs and spices with vitamin-rich fruits!

Jun can be used as the starter culture to ferment fruit juices, hard ciders, chutneys and salsas, in addition to tomato sauce, fruit-infused mustard, fruit leather, and smoothies. Long-fermented Jun can be used as live vinegar in salad dressings and meat marinades. Our second snack to share for this event will be tangy, grass-fed gelatin, probiotic “gummy bear” perfect for school lunches or chilled as a dinner party refreshment (the recipe will be provided).

Join us for a tasty flight of three sparkling Jun-fruit beverages as we discuss WHY honey is the easiest natural source of sugar to digest, HOW the microbes use fruit to boost development of B vitamins in the finished beverage, and WHEN the sparkling beverages you make at home will be ready to serve for the holidays!

Your guest or child is FREE with your $30 admission to encourage sharing this experience! Each participant will take home a jar of Jun SCOBY plus a jar of finished Jun ready for fruit additions. If you would rather observe the workshop, purchase a $5 ticket (just for yourself) to make the most of the learning opportunity, then have the hands-on experience at home when you are ready (Jun SCOBYs can be purchased at for $34). Many thanks to GeerCrest Farm and educational coordinator Adam McKinley for co-hosting this event. We look forward to seeing you there!


BROTH: Caramelization & Umami for classic bone broth and vegetable stock

BROTH: Nutrient-Dense Minerals and Collagen in Bio-Available Form

As we discuss flavor characteristics of classic broth including silky mouthfeel, mineral content, rich color, and satisfying complex carbohydrate benefits, we will enjoy a snack featuring the same ingredients but in a simple, take-it-anywhere form: Homemade Honey Marshmallows of three ingredients--grass-fed beef collagen, local honey, and tea of nourishing marshmallow root (recipe included)!

As part of the workshop you will assemble a custom blend based on the flavors and nutrients that sound good to you! Kit options include fresh ginger, burdock, and turmeric roots in addition to fresh rosemary. Plus select a variety of organic nutrient-accumulator, mineral-rich, perennial roots including nettle, licorice, dandelion, devil’s claw, and yellow dock. Choose a ticket type for one of the following options:

- Classic Bone Broth Base: kit includes local organic, pasture-raised poultry from Forest Meadow Farm in Silverton OR organic lamb bones from Diggin' Roots Farm in Molalla.

- Vegetable Stock Base: kit includes organic wood ear mushroom, maitake mushroom, and quinoa flour.

Over a steaming snack of warm broth replete with fresh chopped chives, slivered mushroom, and sprouted Oregon cedar lentils, we will discuss how collagen protein works in our body literally as the “glue” connective tissue providing strength and durability for daily exertion and resilience. In addition to highlighting the role amino acids such as glycine have in healthy DNA, we will center discussion around fat-soluble vitamins A, E, D, and K in addition to the various types of collagen found in the synovial and cerebral fluid of our major joints and spine.

We will also discuss the conditions necessary for caramelization and the Maillard reaction to transform natural sugars. So no matter what ingredients you have on hand—from bones to mushrooms to onion, the rich smokiness of authentic Maillard aroma compounds can enhance your cuisine! Pair Maillard with umami flavor ingredients, and this information will be useful to ANYONE making deeply satisfying plant-based vegetable stock. A few notes will be added for concentrating broth/stock into gravies and glazes, just in time for the holidays!

Sharing this discussion on the land of Olde Moon Farm is a wonderful context to illustrate how the quality of organic soil microbial health increases the effectiveness of animal forage and wild-foraged foods. An excerpt from Jo Robinson’s book Pasture Perfect followed by an excerpt from David Montgomery and Anne Biklé’s The Hidden Half of Nature will underscore WHY pasture is worth the price for both broth and stock!

If you do not plan to make broth/stock soon but are interested in the information, select the $5 observer ticket, collect the recipes, and join us as we discuss health benefits over a cup of broth. (All foods served will be gluten free; vegetable stock made with organic coconut oil). We look forward to seeing you there!


BRINE: Nutrient-Dense kraut workshop at Olde Moon farm

Come on out to the farm to enjoy community connection on the land! This production-oriented, hands-on workshop "Nutrient-Dense BRINE" will feature fresh produce prepared as classic shredded cabbage kraut, an herb-infused kraut for additional vitamins and trace-minerals, a recipe for cabbage juice brine compared and contrasted with salt water brine for root vegetable "kimchi", the brine ratio unique to lacto-fermented cucumber pickes, and the information you always wanted to know about HOW that characteristic sour flavor facilitates optimal digestion!  

Materials demonstrated will be an economical Ball Mason jar with a lid in good condition and a ring: three simple tools that will allow you check the pressure of the cultured food without the expense of air locks and pre-drilled gaskets. Although historic seals of all kinds will be open for discussion.   

A light snack of varius organic kraut flavors based on vegetables from carrots to beets on organic gluten-free tortilla chips will be enjoyed by all participants during an interactive discussion regarding ingestion of living microbes as "probiotic" and vegetable fiber "prebiotic" as food for individuals' existing microbes, followed by an excerpt from Guido Mase's book The Wild Medicine Solution as the foundation to brainstorming together locally-sourced kraut enhancement ingredients. A trouble-shooting guide will be provided so participants can monitor their kraut progress with confidence in seconds per day.  

Foods to take home will include four quarts of kraut, PLUS vegetables sliced to freeze, and vegetables sliced to dehydrate (depending on what tools you have at home). Participants, please plan ahead to bring your own reusable jars and two large freezer storage containers, in addition to your favorite knife and cutting board from home. If you would like to simply observe this event, select a $5 ticket, enjoy the snack, contribute to the conversation, and take home the recipes!  

Preview the venue! 

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THe ARt and science of heirloom corn Tortillas

Using whole organic heirloom kernels, work alongside Elizabeth Voth to mill and press six fresh blue corn tortillas to take home and share with family and friends!

This ancient process involving soaking the seed overnight in culinary-grade limestone dramatically increases the bioavialable calcium content of the corn while its blue color is the powerful antioxidant anthocyanin--an essential component of healthy protein for skin collagen.

If your schedule will only allow three simple steps, you can still access the powerhouse of nutrition just by learning to soak, cook, and rinse the seeds with the skills you already have for making a hearty soup!

If you purchase a participant ticket, in addition to six tortillas you will take home an illustrated recipe guide. Elizabeth has developed a uniquely simple process using economical, readily-available equipment designed for a home kitchen. While you observe the milling and pressing, we will enjoy a light snack of fresh tortilla chips toasted in organic coconut oil. Register NOW for $25, up to August 10th! 

If you purchase an observer ticket, you will be able to watch the entire process, plus take the recipe and enjoy the tortilla chips! We look forward to seeing you there! Register as an observer for $5 up to August 10th.