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About Elizabeth, EdM

Locally grown whole foods are the inspiration and foundation for my tireless recipe development.

Grounded in traditional techniques that retain the natural balance of protein/fiber/vitamins/minerals/antioxidants both in pasture-raised animals and organic produce, my efforts center on exploring the ways culturing ingredients increases nutritional benefits, and offering accessible workshops to expand the cuisine repertior of those who love to prepare food for family and friends in their home kitchen.

I coordinate bulk purchases to increase efficiency and reduce packaging, network with community members/farmers/artisan producers to share the greatest gain for each person involved in short/simple transactions, read extensively regarding whole foods/ancient cuisine, write nutritional workshop outlines complete with recipes, travel locally for sources of nutrient-dense foods, and maintain a greateful awareness of natural ecology—including communities of microbes whose activity sustain our access to abundant natural resources.

If our interests align, I would love to collaborate with you!